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“Chicken and donuts?” you ask? Why not, we say! Inspired by the carnival food culture of America, Tastys is proud to take on the mother of all comfort foods – fried chicken and pair it with another classic comfort food, the donut. The secret to our so-good-its-sinful fried chicken is our unique seasoning blend, marinated in fresh cut chicken for 24 hours then fried to perfection. We then pair the chicken with our signature, hot fresh honey donut, along with your selection of our house made dipping sauce (Tangy Garlic, Creamy Sweet & Spicy , or Creamy Chipotle). Our classic chicken and donut combo plays on the idea of pairing sweet with the savory which will be an unforgettable flavor experience for your family.

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357 Spadina Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5T 2G3


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357 Spadina Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5T 2G3